Sunday, 13 March 2016


Have you always wanted to write a book, or maybe you have written a book but don't know where to go with your manuscript. Obviously you can try sending it out to publishers but their margins on books have decreased over the years. There are now fewer major publishing houses in existence and the ones that are left tend to focus more on publishing books that have track record, or a celebrity name to them.

So that leaves all new authors in a difficult position and hence the reason why so many are going down the self-publishing route. Create Space who I used for my books will publish them completely FREE...

Create Space is an Amazon Company who will self- publish your book for you then get it onto the Amazon sites throughout the world. The free Publishing Resources help you with creating content, formatting files and marketing your work.

They have some FREE book covers to choose from or you can download your own. I would certainly recommend doing your own or asking a friend to do it for you. You can see the difference in my two quite clearly from a professional cover to the off the peg one.

You can maintain complete creative control and own your copyright with their non-exclusive agreement. You can set your list price and receive industry-leading royalties, so basically you decide how much you make. Have your work published and available on and Europe in just a few days.

Every part of self publishing with Create Space is very straight forward. Just simply join and add your title and then your on your way.

There are a number of other large self-publishing companies like Lulu  and Blurb. I have self published two books with Blurb but they were both personal diaries for my family. But I'm sure they are all very similar in format and easy to master. 

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