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So my last post was all about making money from your blog with Adsense. This post is going to give you other ideas of how to make money from your blog.

I'm sure most of you will have heard of Affiliate Marketing which to put it bluntly is where you sell or promote someone else's stuff on your blog/website and get paid for doing it. You partner with the company that sells a product or service you would like to recommend. You recommend this product or service to your followers which can be done by writing a post or popping a button or banner ad somewhere on your site or talking about it on social media. You then include a special link to the product or service which is your affiliate link. When their purchase is complete you then earn the commission.

There are lots of Affiliate Marketing programs to join and deciding on which one to use can be quite daunting. I am certainly no expert in this field and can only tell you of the ones that I have joined.

The first one I joined was Amazon Associates which is easy to set up and easy to add to your blog posts. You will need an Amazon account to start this up but as I use Amazon a lot it was easy to get this moving. The second program I joined was the Ebay Affiliates program as I am an Ebay seller and use Ebay quite a lot but so far I have to admit, I haven't had much success with it. Finally the third I joined is Affiliate Window.

The choice is yours and the list is vast, so all I would suggest is that you take your time before you commit yourself to a program. Just don't make the mistake of writing posts on products or services that you don't normally write about as this is the easiest way to lose some followers.

Another way you can earn money through a blog is to write a book on your blog. I have written three of these over the last few years. My first one was 'Over One Hundred Tips and Ways to Lose Weight' which I put together from my Weight Loss blog which was one of the first ones I wrote a long time ago.

The second one I wrote was 'Over One Hundred Tips on Baking Cakes' which I developed through my Afternoon Tea Blog. Then finally last year I spent a loooooooong time putting my latest book together which is 'Complimentary & Alternative Therapies for Pain', which I grew from my Back Pain Blog posts.

I self published all three of these books through Create Space and have them listed on Amazon and can be bought as a paperback or downloaded to Kindle. I will cover how easy it is to write and self publish a book through Create Space in a later post. Of course with self-publishing you don't get the same publicity but the feel good factor seeing your book on Amazon makes up for that. I also think that probably if I was 30 years younger and fitter then I would have approached a publisher and gone down the traditional route.

As blogging has risen in its profile more and more businesses are starting blogs. Some of these companies have internal staff take on the blogging duties but some small companies just haven't got the time or knowledge on how to get this to happen.  

So I decided to approach my hairdressers to see if they would be interested in me sorting out a blog for them.  They got on board straight away and I still write for them today ( see my website). I was then recommended to one of their customers who asked me if I could write a blog for their legal recruitment company. I also volunteered to write one for a local community project.

Some top bloggers also earn money by speaking about blogging and holding blogging classes. The site Pro Blogger has lots of information and links on making money through your blog. The owners story is an inspiration to anyone wanting to start up in the blogging world.

Finally you can actually Sell your Blog - maybe, like me, with my Weight Loss blog. You start one and then decide it wasn't giving you the excitement it did when you first set it up. Well if you have written a load of posts and it's just sitting there doing nothing then maybe it's time to sell it to someone else who might enjoy writing on your subject.

I hope you are enjoying my tips on making some extra money. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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