Sunday, 15 July 2018


Endorsements are now open for the Wego Health Awards.
If you missed my last post I was excited to announce that I have been nominated and shortlisted for the WEGO Health Best Chronic Illness & Illness Recovery Blog Award in the 2018 WEGO Health Awards.
WEGO Health is a mission-driven company connecting healthcare with the experience, skills, and insights of patient leaders. They are the world’s largest network of patient leaders, working across virtually all health conditions and topics. Click here to learn more about their Patient Leader Network. The WEGO Health Awards were created to celebrate those who tirelessly support the mission of WEGO Health: to empower the patient voice. With 16 award categories, the WEGO Health Awards are the only awards across all conditions and platforms, that recognize the over 100 thousand inspiring Patient Leaders who raise awareness, share information, and support their communities – but often without recognition.
This year, the 16 WEGO Health Award winners will be honored and I’m now looking to my incredibly supportive network to help endorse me for this award. There are two easy ways to endorse that only take seconds of your time!
1) You can click on my endorsement badge located on the right-hand side of this page.
2) Click here to be taken to my WEGO Health Awards profile where you can click “Endorse” under my nominee photo
If I have ever supported you, made you laugh, or inspired you to keep fighting – please consider endorsing me for this award

Sunday, 29 April 2018


If you enjoy creating your own flower arrangements and receive compliments on your projects, you will probably succeed in selling them. With a bit of creativity, you can turn your hobby into a business. Selling artificial flowers and trees could give you an opportunity to make money while enjoying your hobby at the same time.

Reach out to the event and wedding planners in your area to form business relationships. These professionals can lead you to potential customers and vice versa. A touch of green can make any room or commercial indoor to come alive, and also give your place a serene effect. Artificial plants, flowers, and trees are vivacious and add warmth to your home décor.

We are not at all of the opinions that natural plants are no match to the silk variety, but knowing the disadvantages of real plants, and hassles of maintenance associated with it, it can really give a homeowner hard time taking care of them.

If you are the one who loves to have decorative accessories in and around your home and office and are keen to have greenery, then there can’t be an ideal option than silk plants.

Learn all you can about Artificial Foliage and its Uses...

To gain knowledge and access to the world of artificial plants, first, you need to brush up your skills regarding the designs of floral arrangements.  For this, you can go through home décor magazines, websites or read blogs, and maybe go on a few courses. 

Doing so will make you come across artificial plants and flowers of many styles and types. Fire retardant foliage, artificial greenery, hanging bush and grass, silk orchids, silk flower topiaries, tropical plants, containers, planters, and succulents are just a few varieties among the largest collection of these faux beauties.

The trend of designing and decorating the indoor and outdoor landscaping changes every year, if not every season, hence, it is important for you to know the latest trends and only then progress to decorate your home stylishly.

Artificial Plants let you Celebrate Every Season...

When you decide to purchase artificial flowers make some rules for buying. The first thing you should know is to go over the top with your designs. Be with the trends, try not to use big roses and huge sunflowers, this makes your home dated. Small sized Hydrangeas or a Cymbidium orchid in peach and white hues always look good in any home. And the best part is they are natural looking.

A second point to remember is having good containers and planters to place these silk beauties. Silk flowers are so adaptable that they can be placed in any room of a house, the bedroom, bathroom and even the kitchen will look nice after adding some fake plant to uplift the mood. Choose pots, containers that have been designed to place a particular plant. This way you won’t ruin the look of the decorative accessory.

Silk Plants look better than Natural Ones...

The highest quality designing technique has enabled silk plants to look more natural and lifelike than real plants. When purchasing artificial flowers, trees, and plants you should always go for natural looks. Pay good attention to the texture of the leaves and petals and also to the quality of the colors. 

The highest quality designing technique has enabled silk plants to look more natural and lifelike than real plants. When purchasing artificial flowers, trees, and plants you should always go for natural looks. Pay good attention to the texture of the leaves and petals and also to the quality of the colors.  It is this lifelike quality that has made artificial flowers a hit among the masses and the classes. You must have observed it many times that people are so astonished that the shade under which are standing is an artificial tree. The combination of high-quality manufacturing, design, texture, color combination and the cost of the product has totally evolved the process of keeping our surroundings beautiful. Study flower arranging through florist school or garden clubs that offer training in the art of floral design. Pay attention to the trends in home décor and art. Establish yourself as an expert on fake flowers then you could also make money out of offering classes and teaching others about the art of artificial flowers. The opportunities in the artificial flowers business are massive, the world is your oyster.

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Watching the 2nd episode of Give it a Year on ITV this week was one I didn't want to miss as I enjoyed the first episode last week. This week Karen Brady meets more brave people who decide to go it alone and start a new business. Two sisters embark on making their own chocolate so bespoke that the boxes would start at £15. Their ambition was to be in top stores in London like Selfridges, Fenwicks, and Harrods. One year on the ambitious pair already had their bespoke chocolates in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and Fenwicks. Anyone who has ever thought of starting their own chocolate business would be inspired to give it a go after watching this program.

If you love chocolate like me then you need to know about craft chocolate online.  They say chocolate arouses our passions and tempts our senses. Chocolates are loved by most and they come in various forms ranging from dark chocolates to milk chocolates and they leave memories of happy moments.

Chocolate is tasty and delicious but making your own chocolate at home can easily be done if you know where to buy your ingredients. Before making your own you need to check that you have the right equipment to make your chocolate in.

Some essential tools include digital thermometers, various sizes, and shapes of molds, a dipping fork and other utensils. Buying the right products to make your chocolate is also something that you need to investigate. Principally start your chocolate making with buying cocoa beans from a reliable source.

With so much chocolate available on the high street you will have to think outside the box and develop a recipe that will be unique as well as tasty.

If you get the right ingredients and utensils, making edible gifts really doesn’t get much easier than making craft chocolate bars.  Get your juices working on handmade gift ideas you could make with your own chocolate. You could start a new trend and even put kits together for people to create their own chocolate.

After making the chocolate, the next challenge is where to store it as they advise you not to store in a refrigerator full of other foods. They suggest you store the chocolate in a tightly closed container away from direct sunlight. This will help your chocolate to last longer.

Chocolate making is an art and a science. The best way to create your own delicious chocolate whether you want to make it for personal use, for friends or even to sell is to go to Craft Chocolate UK who say they ‘make the dreams of chocolate lovers to come true’ by teaching the art behind the chocolate making. For anyone looking for a place in the craft chocolate art, Craft Chocolate UK are the ones to contact.

Anyone can put a few ingredients together but knowing how to make it the correct way has to be the best way forward. All this will take time and money but if two sisters on a £5,000 loan can get their chocolates in 3 top department stores within 12 months it makes you realise that it's worth giving it a go.

Monday, 23 April 2018


Upwork is a very popular site for freelancers as you choose your own clients and projects. They say that clients are now posting jobs in hundreds of skill categories, paying top price for great work. The greater the success you have on projects, the more likely you are to get hired by clients that use Upwork so create a great profile and start working. Companies Odesk and Elance merged to form Upwork.

Freelancer would be my second choice. It is very similar to Odesk where you can find just about any job you can imagine ranging from delivery to website development. Again, you simply fill in a profile with your skills and Freelancer will match you to the right jobs. Membership is free but you can only bid for a job 8 times a month.

My third choice would be Fiveer which is popular as you can sell gigs to others at the minimum price of £5. It’s different from the other two as you do not bid for proposals on those sites. Instead, you have to sell gigs and potential clients look through all the lists of gigs in their chosen category. However, Fiveer is a great place to start getting a few freelance jobs under your collar.
ProBlogger site is always full to the brim of blogging jobs but also a great site to access tips, courses and topics on everything to do with blogging. I’m sure most of us bloggers have heard of Darren Rowse founder of ProBlogger at some point or another.
My final choice would be Linkedin which they say is the biggest social networking site for professionals with jobs being posted daily. You can also develop a large following through Linkedin who know what sort of work you are looking for. If you find a position fitting right for your field, then you can always apply for it and it is completely free.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


The money site Lifehack say there are several ways you can make money on Pinterest.

The first one is to follow your passion then build your audience then sell to them. Get followers to your boards then create a mailing list. They say that you don’t need that many followers to your account to sell to your audience. So, for instance, if your passion is floristry then you could write lots of posts on your boards on the type of flowers to buy and then sell them to your followers.

Another way they say you can make money on Pinterest is by targeting a group then build your Pinterest followers like above. Then select the companies offering products that appeal to your audience. So with the example above you could approach companies that sell flowers. You then need to share your Pinterest accounts statistics with the companies that you approach and ask for sponsorship maybe by offering them to put their brand on your site for a year.

In order to make any money on Pinterest, people have to be able to find your pins and boards so Lifehack stresses that you must use SEO strategies. That way you will also be found on other search engines like Google. Make the most of your About profile and use keywords you would expect searchers to use to find you. Another tip is to us Sep strategies on your pins. Each pin allows you 500 characters (around 100 words) of description, so make the most of it by adding keywords and links. Include keywords naturally, rather than in a spammy way.

Another great well to sell on Pinterest is to have a competition for people to get some of your products and create interest.

Pinterest is all about pinning so an easy way to get people is to be very active and pin others pins, in particular, those people in your target audience. That way they will notice you and they may then start following your boards.

Another way to make money is to teach your money making ways to others by writing an ebook or course to explain to others what you have learned and how you have succeeded. Create a board dedicated solely to ways to make money. One board on Pinterest on money making ideas has over 100,000 followers.

Cash Blog site says that you can also make money by cashing in on the social media goldrush by becoming a Pinterest consultant. This requires a little marketing but the multitude of freelancing platforms make it easier than ever to connect with companies that need your help. They say that you can use your personal presence on Pinterest as an example of what you can do. Highlight your pins that have done well on your account like blog posts, infographics, quotes etc. When you get about 200-300 followers then start applying to Pinterest Group Boards as this is the best way to grow your followers and get traffic to your blog.  Use the Pinterest search function or to search group boards in your field. Or just look up what groups your competitors belong to and apply there too. Also, apply to Pinterest tribes to get more pin exposure and traffic with the help of other bloggers.

It is important to optimize your profile with keywords as this will make it easier for people to find your content when they are searching on Pinterest.

Then create great blog posts that have at least one affiliate link in it. Then pin an eye-catching graphic to your Pinterest boards that lead to your affiliate blog posts. Canva is a great site to create eye-catching graphics. It’s free and they also have a Pinterest template to help you get started. Keep in mind that you must always disclose your affiliate link in the pin’s description. You can do this just by saying ‘affiliate’ or ‘affiliate link’ in the Pin description.