Saturday, 24 March 2018


To make a profit flipping you must know what products you can flip that make the best money. A flipper is someone who buys something at a lower price point from one market, and sells it at a higher price point to another market that is looking for it.

Vintage items seem to come quite high on the list. You can find them online, at car boots and auctions and the quickest way to flip them is to revamp them even if its just with a coat of paint.

One of the best places apart from Ebay to find things to flip is at a carboot sale. Look for smaller items like old books or well known children's toys to then immediately flip onto Ebay and sell at a profit.

If you can't get out to buyt some items to flip then go online to lastminute auctions and look at items that are about to finish for 99p and see what they are selling for on Ebay then buy your item, pop it on Ebay and you might even sell it before your item arrives to you so it could be sent direct to the customer.

Check out Craigslist or Gumtree and work on the same basis as lastminute auctions on Ebay or similar sites.

If you an expert in a particular field or passionate about something like fashion, accessories, gadgets, collectibles etc then concentrate on flipping these sort of items as you probably already know the rough price these sell for.

The opportunity is endless and there are plenty of sites to help you get started and even books on the subject. One of my favourite sites is this article on What Really Makes Money and this book Flipping on Craigslist: A Guide on How to Make Side Income by Justin Dallas.

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