Tuesday, 18 July 2017


It's not easy to save when you haven't got a lot coming in and I know there are lots of cash back sites

on the market but until you take the time to give it a go you won't appreciate how much cash you can

actually get back and then save.

A friend told me about Top Cash Back  which I decided to give a go back in April, and I still forget

quite often to buy online before I go shopping as they cover most grocery shops and stores but

I have managed to save £28.

Even if you purchase one small item from Ebay to Asda you still get cash back but the big winners

are if you need to change something quite large in the house (like a hoover or cooker) - well that was

at least what I thought.

That was until I booked our holiday this year and found out that I could get cash back not only on

my flights but also on my airport parking !!!!!! You can even choose your holiday through the

website to get back the best deal.

My plan with this cash back site is to leave the money I make until the end of the year for Christmas

presents which I plan to buy online to get even more cash back.

You can also earn £15 just by referring a friend, they just give you a link like mine here and if

anyone signs up through my link I get £15.

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