Thursday, 20 July 2017


With a number of survey sites offering you cash back for your opinion, it's difficult to decide which one to use. I have to admit I have tried a lot of them but my best two that continually send me decent surveys and earn me some money.

1. Pure Profile  - Pure Profile has been rewarding people for over 14 years for their opinions on different subjects. The more opinions you share, the more your profile gets to know you and the more valuable it becomes. Connect to brands, research campaigns and opportunities to earn. Answer questions, engage with brands and content, and you will see you account balance climb. Pure Profile pays your earnings directly to you. You can also earn money by simply referring friends and colleagues to join Pure Profile. Cash redemptions are from only £25. Connect it to your own social media to raise your profile. I've been with them a number of years and always redeem when I get up to £25.

2. One Poll  - a friend introduced me to this when I was desperate to start earning some extra money. Reach your target audience with them as they do online research throughout the world. They have an endless list of clients. They pay out at £40 but like Pure Profile have lots of surveys sent to you regularly. One Poll pay via BACS or Paypal. You can refer up to 10 people and will receive 50p but then when they reach £20 you get £1 back and when they reach £40 you get £2.50 back so it's a win, win situation. Feel free to put your email address in here if you are interested in joining One Poll. 

The knack to earning money from both these sites is to login in daily and keep your profile up to date on a regular basis. Good Luck 

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