Thursday, 6 July 2017


So, if you are like me and you seriously want to make some extra money then I bet you are continually either searching on the internet or reading books or magazines on the subject.

I've always been interested in making money even as a youngster I would do extra jobs around the house to make a few pence, and I am sure had my health been better then I would definitely have pursued more routes into money making schemes.

Now in my mid 60's I still have the mind and drive to try and find something that could bring in extra money, but the chronic pain I suffer from a spinal problem slows me down. I can now only make extra money online using my laptop and computer which was the reason why I started this blog.

At first I planned to just write articles on different ways to make some extra money but I soon found that I would soon run out of ideas for posts on the subject. So while sitting in the car the other day on a journey from the East Midlands down to Brighton, I began to plan a new type of blog.

I still want to include different ways of making some extra money but I am going to concentrate mainly on what I do each day to try and bring in some extra pennies.

Today for instance I have been scouring the internet looking at the cost of second hand static caravans and the costs of pitches, gas, electricity and insurance and if after paying all that you could still rent your caravan out and make some money.

Most of the online forums I read like 'Money Saving Expert' and 'Money Magpie'  say that it's hard to make a profit renting out a caravan but you could certainly make enough to cover all your expenses of keeping one on a park.

I think that if it was done up into something really 'different' and 'unique' ( I will search Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration) that you could definitely make some money as well as enjoy some free holidays.

I will write more on this at a later date but for now just being by the seaside has already inspired me into thinking about a static caravan holiday home as a potential money making business. 

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