Monday, 21 March 2016


Making some extra money from your own home is possible, in fact there are a number of ways you can do this. They say 'an Englishman's home is his castle', so how about letting your castle earn some money for you.

Have you thought about may be renting out one of your rooms for some extra cash, it could be for short term let for visiting foreign students and lecturers or a long term let. 

Look at the Governments rent-a-room scheme and visit websites like Easy Room Mate and Spare Room  where they say they every 3 minutes someone finds a flatmate on Spare Room.

How about running a B&B, do you live near something of interest, have you a room with a view. With the access of the internet now you have an easy and inexpensive way of advertising your room or rooms.

Are you within walking space of a station, exhibition centres, Wembley Stadium, or anywhere that holds annual events. Then you could advertise B&B just for these specific dates.

Or how about renting your driveway out for these sort of events. You would be surprised how many make a lot of money from renting their drives and sometimes even their homes during Wimbledon etc. Visit sites like Just Park where you can rent out your space or Your Parking Space.

Is you garage hardly used then you can rent your storage space out for others to store things. Some other good sites are Spareground which has free listings from accommodation to driveways.

What about seeing your house on a film set. There are agencies that you can join which has pictures of your home for prospective film producers to browse through to use for the next 'Downtown' episode, at ShootFactory, just fill in a form and send some pictures of your home and surroundings.

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