Saturday, 19 March 2016


The best of party plan is that you can do it as and when it suits you best. My first business that I set up was a jewellery party plan business which I mostly did at night. That way my husband could look after the children and the evening parties brought far more customers than the day ones.

Some of the latest party plan companies are:

The start up kit contains £400 worth of gear, including welly warmers and lip-balm and watering cans. Training is done on the phone and you are given a manual with advice.

The start up kit has over £500 worth of products. Training is given.

Nothing to pay to start this business up selling candles and accessories. They ask you to hold your own party and the sales from that will pay for your starter kit. (sensible idea) Cash and business rewards even holidays. The products are very nice.

Starter kit is £80 - loads of potential with rewards and plenty of training and help.

Support and training given. A good time to join this business and Jamie Oliver is very popular at the moment.

Find a Party is a great site with a directory of party planners and vendors. 

Of course there are many more including Tupperware who was one of the first party plans to start, but the ones above looked very interesting to me. You could also do what I did and think of something you would like to sell and set your own party plan business and watch it grow.

I hope this has helped some of you who may not have thought about doing something like this to earn a bit of extra money.

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