Wednesday, 4 April 2018


If you live in London then this great way of getting free tickets for the theatre and other events is perfect for you.

The company Central Tickets, have a FREE membership as a seat filler. By becoming a member of Central Tickets you get the opportunity to attend an amazing selection of different events including the West End theatre, fringe theatre, dance products, operas, classical concerts, pop and Jazz concerts, comedy nights, movies, sporting events, informative talks and workshop for a fantastic price.

Your ticket is completely FREE, all you pay is a small booking fee per ticket to Central Tickets to help cover their running costs. Your first year of membership is completely FREE and they don't even take any bank details from you. Other ways to get ticket offers from them are -

Share a video trailer on social media for the show
Write a brief review of the event
Answer 6 multiple choice questions about the event
Purchase a programme
Purchase drinks
Purchase snacks or food
Purchase merchandise

You could start a blog and write reviews of all the events you attend and make money from your blog. It's a win, win situation as you will be able to attend a wide variety of events in London at a heavily discounted rate. Even your family and friends can save hundreds of pounds a year. They obviously have a few T & C's which are -

Not share your account or forward our emails or ticket offers to anyone.
Always attend any events that you book with us.
Always direct any enquiries to us, not the venue.
Accept the seats you are given, graciously. Be friendly and respectful towards all staff.
Don’t mention complimentary tickets in or around the venue.
Do not make any social media posts referencing free tickets.
Read the collection instructions on the booking confirmation.
Collect tickets at least 30 minutes prior to the event beginning.
Show a printed copy or screen shot (using a tablet or smart phone) of your confirmation booking to collect tickets.
Always collect your own tickets, do not send someone in your place.
Dress smart-casual.
Be willing to stay for the entire show.
Applaud heartily and generously.
We also ask you to bear in mind that as the account holder with Central Tickets, you are responsible for the behaviour of your guests.
Booking fees for cancelled bookings are non-refundable.
If you cancel more than 3 bookings per year, your membership will be withdrawn.

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