Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Another year behind us yet again - where do they fly to? and yet another year where I had promised I would write more on how to earn money from home but never seemed to find the time to write it. So, let's hope my new year resolution to write it more will come into fruition this year. 

I decided I would write another book around one of my blogs. I have previously written a few books on the blogs I have written about and self published them on Amazon through Create Space.

It is extremely easy to work out and so I have also written a book of memoirs for the children. The first one I wrote was about their life until they reached 30 years of age which also included over 250 pictures. These were not printed through Create Space because of all the photographs but through Blurb. They were far from cheap but both my son and my daughter loved them.

I then wrote a book about 'Complementary and Alternative Therapies For Pain'. I have been a chronic back pain sufferer for over 30 years now, after four failed back surgeries, and I have tried many a complimentary and alternative therapy to help with my pain. I also write a Back Pain blog. 

This book did sell a few more copies than the others but I definitely got more blogging views and people interested in me writing reviews for them on my blog. I also had the cover professionally made for this book which I am sure you will agree is much better.

The next book I self published was called  'Fate Takes Two Hands Memoirs of a Physiotherapist' which was actually written by my mother in law a number of years ago. She was a physiotherapist back in the 1930's and had written her memoirs in a book. It was hand written without any paragraphs, chapters or punctuation so it took some writing but I knew it would be something the children would cherish if I could get it finished. 

I let my friends and family have copies of this but I have already planned that this is one I would like to change into a fiction story with lots more characters and build around the whole story she had written about. It was my Dad that has pushed me to give this a go as he really enjoyed the book and felt sure that it could be one to send to a publisher instead of self publishing it. 

Meanwhile I had already decided that I would like to expand my diet book into something far more comprehensive and I really wanted to get it finished before Christmas ready for when new diets seem to pop up everywhere.  I have nearly finishing editing it and I have just finished designing the cover so hopefully I will get it published through Create Space again soon. 

If like me, you love writing then it's not always about how much money you make out of the books but just the fact that you have finally managed to get it down on paper. Obviously I would love a good seller and will certainly not stop trying. 

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