Saturday, 30 July 2016


Pick up your old books from car boot sales, used book stores, charity shops (Oxfam have a great range) or online but first make a note of the ISBN number then compare it with similar books selling on Amazon or Ebay.

If your in a book shop you will have to make sure you have your mobile with you to scan the ISBN number.

If you find an old book without an ISBN on it then research it and think of taking the idea of the book and rewriting it to sell on Amazon Kindle.

Always keep your eyes open for old textbooks as these can fetch a lot of money.

Abe Books have a section for you to find out the value of your old book even if they do not have an ISBN number in it.

Some companies that will buy your books include Zapper, We Buy Books, Amazon, FatBrain, Momax, or Ebay.

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