Monday, 29 February 2016


I'm sure you are immediately thinking that this has to be another one of those get rich quick blogs that pop up on the internet on a daily basis. But if you could just spare me a couple of minutes to read through my story you might just decide to stop around for a bit longer.
As a young teenager I left school and went straight to secretarial college to learn to be a secretary. I then went onto work for large international commercial vehicle sales company as PA to the Managing Director.
When the children arrived we decided I would be an at home Mum to look after the children. I played around with a few little party plan businesses to bring in a few extra needed pounds, but I always had the desire to set up my own business.
It wasn't long before I decided to set up a party plan business selling costume jewellery, which during that decade (1970's) was big business. It wasn't long before I then expanded into also selling shoes and the business was great.
I'd been suffering from back problems for a number of years with a stunt in hospital on traction for a week and lots of physiotherapy and treatments from a chiropractor, but it was becoming a big problem for me.

We then moved from the North to the Midlands (a job move for my husband) and I was soon very quickly in a mess with my back which ended with major spinal surgery to remove a prolapsed disc and fuse some together. Back surgery back then was quite different from now and recovery was long and slow. 
While recovering from my surgery I was able to research what was going on in my local area to see if the jewellery would succeed and I just didn't feel the same vibe I had felt back home.
It wasn't long before I thought of a new business, this time a designer dress agency which I set up from home using a spare room downstairs. I started with designer clothes from my friends back home and complimented it with jewellery which I had previously sold on my party plan basis.
I ran the dress agency on an appointment only basis and it wasn't long before I had a long list of clients who would wait for my phone call to say I had something special I thought they would like.
Once more the business took off and I could not have been happier. When I cover this business later in my blog you will see how easy it was to make money with this particular business.
From then on, to cut a loooooong story short, I have been in and out of hospital with over four spinal operations over the last 30 years but also during that time I set up a number of successful businesses. Unfortunately, I had to sell up my business and take life a little slower due to my health problem.
Since then I took up freelance writing and blogging to keep my mind occupied. I now write a number of my own blogs and also blog for other companies. It was while reading another post about 'what you get out of blogging'  that prompted me to start this money blog as my passion is definitely in making some extra money one way or another. 
I have kept pages and pages of ideas over the years in case I was ever fit enough to try something else but putting all the ideas on this blog will mean I can help others instead. 
Sooooooo, pop the kettle on and sit down with your pad in hand while you browse through my money making ideas. 

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