Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Affiliates are traditionally websites/blog owners who can send traffic, via links (clicks) to your site.

With so many advertisers trying to persuade you to join their affiliate marketing company to make money with your website or blog, it's a bit of a maize and quite confusing so I shall do my best to explain some better known affiliate marketing companies.

Adsense - will let you advertise in as many blogs or websites as your like with content ads, search ads and one feed burner. This is the big one and to me the easiest to get around and although you would need to work extremely hard to make a little money it does work once you start getting people reading your blog or website. In tiny dribbles but at least you can see something for your ads.

Amazon -  will only let you use it on one site but you can have three adverts of theirs on your site. So far I haven't earned a single penny with their adverts. Two great books on the subject that are available from Amazon are Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites The Complete Guide and Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.

Signing up to an affiliate agency is one of the quickest ways to obtain access to a wide variety of affiliate programs.

Basically, a consumer visits an affiliates website or blog. The customer sees a product or retailer via the advert on your blog and clicks the link to be taken to the merchant's site to review or purchase the item.

The customer completes the sale online then tracking software records the key purchase date such as the sale amount, IP, date and time, etc. and reports this to the Affiliate Window.

This is the end of the journey for the customer then after the sale the commission due to the affiliate is paid for sale generated.

However, without visitors to your blog, your chances of affiliate success are virtually none. It takes persistence and determination. No money will be generated if the banner and links you place on your website or blog are just to decorate the pages.

I'm one of those people who will have a go at anything but just as long as it does not cost me a penny, which these do not and they 'should not' ever cost you anything.

Simply signing up with an affiliate program and putting a few banners around your blog is not the best way to generate incomes and commissions, but you just never know who is going to click on your website and you just might have a nice surprise one month.

Choose affiliate programs that complement your content. Banner overload can drive traffic away from your site so set it out neatly and appealing to the eye, just like you would with a shop window.

One tip I was told is to place the most important banners in the top quarter of your blog, where it can be instantly viewed.

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